Gill Tuxworth demonstrating with Dylan

Gill Tuxworth of Top Dog is Demonstrating a technique known as stop, start, change direction with Dylan an RSPCA dog now rehomed.

Dog Behaviour

At Milnthorpe Kennels and Cattery we work with the "Jan Fennell - dog listener" Behabviour Technique known as Amichen Bonding.

We all know how desperately our dogs try to understand our words as they do all that they possibly can to please us and this devotion means that most people are able to create a special and loving bond with their dog. Just imagine what you could create with your dog if you took this bond to a whole new level when you not only understand why your dog does all that it does but are able to see the world through the eyes of your dog and then succeed in communicating in a way that you both understand completely. Thereby removing any possibility of confusion, frustration and anxiety from both you and your dog.

Gill Tuxworth came to Milnthorpe Kennels and Cattery and discussed with us how to achieve better harmony with dogs in our care. The course was specifically designed to help apply the "Amichen Bonding" techniques help to kennel and rescue environment. We help both boarded and rescue dogs to feel more confident by applying these techniques during our daily interactions.  

If you would like to know more about these techniques, we are happy to talk to you and have books and DVDs available in the shop or on line to start you off.

Often having someone come to see you at home is more effective. Adrienne Banks of K9 Connect works with the rescue dogs here and can offer this help.