Ethics and Community

We run our kennels as part of our lifestyle and love for both people and their pets. We enjoy being part of a diverse and vibrant community and want to do the best we can for now and the future. We try and build this approach into all we do and as long as our high standards of care, health and safety are not compromised, we use our unique set up to spread knowledge, build confidence and grow the lives of dogs, young people and adults that we are involved with.

Here are a few examples of some of the things we do.


We recycle our old plastic dog beds and they are made into chicken arcs and rabbit hutches for more information on the products, please see our shop or give us a telephone call. 

Our dog poo is collected by pooper scooper (not plastic bags) so that it can be broken down by enzymes which we add to our Cess pool.

Our dryers have been purchased to include a high level of efficiency rating and sensor drying to avoid overuse of electricity. We also use A rated washing machines.

We create habitat for local wildlife by building natural wood piles and sheltered areas for hedgehogs and other hibernating creatures.

We have planted over 150 trees in our field and garden since moving in and are now members of the Woodlands Trust. In autumn 2011 we were involved in the Woodlands Trust Jubilee Tree planting and will be planting a further 100 trees in support of the Queens Jubilee.


Ash from our log burners and incinerators goes to feed the trees and provide dust baths for our chickens.

We are on a program to gradually replace traditional lighting with energy saving lighting such as LEDs. 

We are experimenting with food composting to reduce dog and cat food waste. 

Charity Work 

Animal Rescue Charities ;

We work actively with local and national animal rescue charities. We care for, rehabilitate and rehome dogs, but also to help with fund raising and awareness of animal care issues.

We have raised over £1000 in June 2011 as part of our open day for the charity funds. We support local microchipping events and are able to microchip pets on our premises on behalf of the RSPCA with donated funds going to the RSPCA.

The team have supported other local rescue organisations by information sharing and spreading the word about rescue pets. We have been able to share donated items to the extent that large donations have benefited our rescue collegues from Carlisle to Preston.  We have also supporting their events with donated prizes or taking part in sponsored walks, including taking some rescue dogs on the cross bay walk. 

We supported a campaign to raise awareness of rabbit housing issues and the welfare needs of pet rabbits by talking on local radio.

We work with the South Lakeland District Council and the Dogs Trust to promote microchipping and responsible dog ownership (including poo pick up and the countryside code) by attending local shows,  setting up specific events and doing talks e.g. to Animal Care Students at the local college. 

We have microchipped over 360 dogs so far and still promoting. We have spoken on local radio and televsion to further raise awareness. 

Cancer Care ;

We supported Cancer care for their Bark in the Park Fund raiser and were able to raise money for both cancer care and the RSPCA during the event.

The team here have participated in multiple Race for Life Events.


We have for many years supported work experience programs with many local schools including children with special needs. We have worked with community charities and special needs groups including the Oaklea Trust, Cedar House School, Wings School, Yew Tree/ Underlea Garden School, Music Links. We have also worked with individuals with special needs outside of these organisations.

We have also worked with local animal care colleges including Myerscough, Newton Rigg and Lancaster & Morecambe college, Veterinary Universities and overseas students in support of students education. 

We have worked with organisations that help support the young unemployed or help to build skills and confidence in our young people, including the Princes Trust.