Some Useful Pet Links for fun or information

K9 Connect The local behaviour trainer Adrienne Banks, who works with our rescue dogs 

Jan Fennell The home page of the Jan Fennell behaviour technique

RSPCA Westmorland The local RSPCA Branch website The main RSPCA website A website for cat information and promotion of good cat care. A site dedicated to questions and answers on a wide range of pet issues. A site for health issues for pets.

Dogs Trust web site. Have a good list of what is poisonous to dogs.

Pet Care Trust A charitable trust aimed at education on animal care. Includes the puppy index and leaflets on care of a wide variety of pets.

Get Puppy Smart A website from the RSPCA designed to guide people wanting to buy a puppy.

Chip my dog A list of Vets participating in the free microchipping with the Dogs Trust

Breed Rescue The Kennel Club list of Breed rescue organisations

Animal Welfare Act information about the animal welfare act from the RSPCA. The site also includes specific information about the requirements for individual species e.g. dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. 

Vaccination ; RSPCA advice on vaccination 

Worm treatment; RSPCA advice on worming

Flea Treatment ; RSPCA advice on flea treatment

Blue Cross Animal Charity; supports with rehoming, veterinary fee and advice

Cats Protection League ; Adoption, Advice and Support for cats

Cinnamon Trust; Charity to support older people with their pets

PDSA ; Charity to help with vet costs

Dog Friendly Lakes; A Website for dog friendly places in the lake district