Rescue Pets and Advice

If you are considering adopting one of these dogs, please read the notes at the bottom.

“With the BBC documentary team revealing that one in three dogs bought in the UK are from puppy farms, it is more important than ever for more people to take on rescue to stop the trade in puppies.

Reputable rescue organisations will ensure that dogs are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before going home and will ensure that we help you to understand the huge commitment that you are about to take on. In the best interest of the dog and your family we try to ensure that you have taken your time to consider fully the impact that your new dog with have on your life and to ensure that you are able to provide for it’s needs including health, training and financial support.

Research, talk with each other and try to view it practically and not just emotionally, then you can step forward into dog ownership with commitment and energy knowing that together you can make the relationship work. “

Here are some of the rescue dogs we have on site. Please also view more of them on the RSPCA Westmorland ( ).


Locally there are also other rescue organisations including Animal Rescue Cumbria ( If you are keen on a particular breed you can also check breed rescue. ( )


Casper 6yr old staffie

Casper thouroughly enjoys going into our outdoor play area and playing with toys and running around. He also enjoys lead walks and is learning not to pull. He has previously lived with dogs, but has not met cats. He loves company and would enjoy being part of a family with older children. He enjoys company and would be a loyal friend. 


Guiness Bull Lurcher 4yrs

This lovely lad is Guinness and came into our care as an unclaimed stray.

He arrived with facial injury's which have now healed well. He is a large boy and loves to play with toys in our outdoor enclosure.

He is a very friendly and affectionate boy who is keen to please.

He is presently learning not to pull on the lead, he will need an experienced new owner who can further his training. Guinness loves running and playing and will need a loving home that can give him the exercise he needs.

As he came in as a stray we have no history on him but he can’t be rehomed with cats or small furries.

Guinness has been good with dogs he has met here on-site.


Rocky Cross Breed 3yrs

This handsome chap is Rocky , he's an Akita X Staffordshire Bull Terrier and was brought to us as a stray.

He loves to play and enjoys jumping on the tyres and playing with toys in our outdoor run.
He loves chasing after a ball but hasn't yet learnt to bring it back

Rocky knows some basic commands and is currently learning not to pull on the lead. He has been good with other dogs he has met on site but as he is a stray we have no history so do not know if he's lived with dogs or cats before. He's a playful and cuddly boy who needs a loving home who will provide him with the exercise he needs. If you would like to know more about Rocky or would like to come and meet him  please give us a call on



If you are interested in one of our rescues, you, your family and any other dogs you have should come and meet the rescue. If this is successful, then you may reserve the dog. At this point, we stop showing the dog to anyone else and organise a home visit. After a successful home visit, you may come and collect the dog.

Our policy is to ensure all dogs go home vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. All dogs have a home visit prior to leaving us and a follow up check approx. 6 weeks after rehoming. Where vaccination or neutering is not possible prior to leaving, we will follow up to ensure this happens as quickly as possible after re-homing. We ask for £150 towards our costs.

We ask when taking on any dog you anticipate the time required to build the relationship and support it’s training needs whilst it learns what is expected of it. It is normal to expect to have some level of housetraining and behavioural work with all animals, especially puppies. For this reason, we will not rehome to a family where the dog is left for long periods at home without company. If you are renting, we will need to see proof that your landlord has given you permission for that pet. If you share a house, we need commitment from all members of the household towards the animals future. The person who’s name appears on the adoption paperwork will be legally responsible for the animal and anything arising from that ownership and therefore must be over 18 and must be aware of the their legal responsibilities. See our page on responsible dog ownership.