Rescue Pets

If you are considering adopting one of these dogs, please read the notes at the bottom.


Archie 6yr old male cross breed

Archie has had a rough start in life and arrived very underweight. He is now back to full weight and the vet is happy his health is back to normal. Archie is a sweet boy, affectionate, playful and happy.  He didn't cope well in the kennels and becomes stressed. He is a great character who quickly bonds to people. People are his whole world and he gets upset when he is left for long periods alone, but is being crate trained to help him cope better with absence. There is nothing he likes more than a tummy tickle !


Barney 4 yr old Patterdale

 Barney is a friendly and happy little patterdale who enjoys his walks and playtime.  He is a great little character, lively and full of confidence.  We think he will make a great companion



Yogi approx 7yr old neutered male Lurcher 

Yogi is a gentle kind soul. He has been neutered and the vets estimate his age to be 6/7 yrs. He will be a loving and affectionate addition to your home. He enjoys his walks and likes to have short sprints, but then would be happy to come and curl up somewhere warm with you and be by your side. He is the dog that our volunteers and new starters often being with as he is nice and easy to walk and loves to be with you. 


Casper Neutered Male Staffie

Casper is a lively and friendly boy. He would be great for a family or individual. He has come a long way since arriving and now walks well on a gentle leader and settles down in his kennel after exercise. He learns well with treat training and is keen to please  He loves company, playtime and walks. He is a happy boy who would reward time spent with him with joy, fun and affection.

Bella 3 yr old female cross breed

Bella has arrived as a transfer from another RSPCA centre. She is lively and fun and loves company. She is growing in her skills and manners and we are pleased at the progress she has made with treat training and clear instructions. She has a great nature and has been far too long in a kennel environment and would like to know what a loving home is like.  


Tiny 5yr old female Cross breed

 Tiny is a calm, medium sized girl who has had a difficult start in life.  When she first arrived she was very timid and shy, but has responded well and is now a happy, friendly girl. She has a wonderfully expressive face and will make you smile with her attentive and affectionate facial gestures. She is a little excited at the start of the walk, but calms down and walks well when she gets going. A wonderful addition to any home, she will make you laugh and be a loyal and loving companion. NOW REHOMED


Jess Female Collie X

Jess is a friendly, intelligent Collie X Lurcher. She was found as a stray. She is nice to walk and good with other dogs. We have little history of her background, but she has been known to have gone for chickens, so is likely to not be good with cats. She is calm, but bright and is loving and playful. She had a brief time in a home, where she was very well behaved and a pleasure to care for. 



Bobby 2/3 year old male staffie

Bobby was found abandoned in a house. He is a friendly happy classic staffie. He loves to play with other dogs and loves human company. He is happy and cheerful and great fun to play with. Responds well to training. 



Dodge - Leonberger Cross

Dodge is an 18m old Leonberger cross Swiss Shepherd. He walks well on the lead. Although fully grown he is still a puppy at heart. He would benefit from someone who knows giant breeds, although this is not essential. He is young, affectionate, playful and inexperienced. 




Taking on a new dog is a big step. Before you look at dogs it is good to be honest about the time you have available to train a puppy or adult rescue dog. It takes 3 days for a dog to know where it is, 2 weeks for a dog to know where it fits into a pack and normally about a year to adapt and train into a normal family life. Relationships take time, so please do not expect too much too soon from your dog. The first few months with your dog will take time and patience from everyone in the household. After this, the relationship will grow, but you need to consider that the first year of it's life with you will require considerable chunks of your time and feedback on a daily basis. This is why it is the policy of the RSPCA Westmorland not to rehome a dog to a household where both partners are out at work all day.


The next step in deciding what is the right dog for your home is to consider things like the space you have in your home, what level of exercise the dog requires, what level of grooming or additional care (e.g. overcoming shyness). Shy dogs are not happy in homes with energetic children. Engergetic dogs may create trouble and disruption if you are not a family that likes to play games with him or her. Do you have the patience, steadiness and stregnth to train a dog that is not good on a lead to become well healed. Do you have other pets to consider ; cats or small animals - how would they cope with the change.


We welcome enquiries and will try and give as much information as we can about each individual and advise on their good traits and where they might need help. If you find one that is right for you the process works like this;

- You and all your household come and meet the dog and agree that this is the right dog for you. This meeting should include any other dogs that he/she may be sharing with.

- You let the re-homing team know that you wish to reserve the dog

- The re-homing team arrange a home check (normally very quickly subject to your availability and theirs).

- During the home visit the dogs needs will be discussed and a recommended minimum payment of £100 will be taken. The paperwork will be completed and you bring a form to the kennels, to show that the home check was successful

- You collect the dog and enjoy building a long term relationship with them, one step at a time. The dogs will normally be neutered / spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.

 The costs for our Branch (without kennel costs) is £290 for a male and £342 for female dog to microchip, vaccinate and neuter them. So any donations, however small, are always welcome at the kennels or branch office in Kendal.



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If you are looking for a specific breed there are generally rescue societies for that breed, which can be found through the Kennel Club web site;

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