Micro-chipping: Lost/Found Pets


We are able to offer FREE micro-chipping for any dog. The microchips are part of the dogs trust campaign. http://www.chipmydog.org.uk . All you need to do is come to the kennels during our opening times and we can microchip while you wait or while your dog is boarded with us. 

We believe that micro-chipping helps to reunite dogs with owners and is a deterent to potential thieves, that is why we support this campaign.  If your dog goes missing, the dog can be scanned quickly by most rescue organisations or vets including our team here at the kennels. The microchip has a unique number which is then registered securely with one of the microchip companies. DONT FORGET TO KEEP YOUR MICROCHIP DETAILS UP TO DATE WHEN YOU MOVE HOUSE. 

  • Anibase 01904 487600
  • PetIdentity UK 01744 733229
  • PetLog 0844 4633999
  • Pet Protect 0800 0778558
  • Pettrac 0800 6529977
  • Smarttrac 0844 5420999

From 6th April 2016 all dogs in England will have to be microchipped by law or face a fine. 

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted under the dogs skin. It is coated with the same substance they use for pacemakers to help the body accept the chip and encourage the body to bond the chip in place. It is normally located (in the UK) between the shoulder blades. 

If you are not local you can check this website to see if your local vet is also participating in the scheme. www.chipmydog.org.uk/participating-vets

We advise the dog is micro-chipped and wears a collar with a name tag including an up to date telephone number and a tag to show the dog is micr-ochipped (thus a deterent for thieves)


What if I have lost my pet?

Immediately contact the microchip company and report your pet missing. The company will then send out an alert to rescues, councils and vets alerting them to the missing pet. Also take the chance to make sure that the contact details they have for you are current and correct and that some one is able to answer a call to that phone number. 

If the dog is not micro-chipped, but wearing a tag and collar, again make sure that the telephone number recorded has someone there able to answer it. 

For all dogs, regardless of micro-chipping or collars, let the local council know. If you are near a border between councils, let both councils know. 

South Lakeland Direct on 0845 050 4434 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

Out of hours contacts for the South Lakeland District Council

Kendal & Eastern Area   0870 428 6905
Lakes, Ulverston & Western Area   0870 428 6906

Lancaster City Council on 01524 582935 or 01524 67099 out of hours

Barrow in Furness on 01229 474450

Inform the local vets (Highgate have a specific lost and found pet service) and rescue organisations

Bay Vets (Milnthorpe) 015395 62770

Bay Vets (Lancaster) 01524 32696

Highgate Vets (Kendal) 01539 721344

Westmorland Vets (Kendal / Kirby Lonsdale) 01539 722692

Oakhill Vets (Windermere/Ambleside) 01539 488555

Alison Lee Vets (Carnforth) 01524 735249

Burch Tree Vets (Carnforth, Ingleton, Morecambe) 01524 720002 

Animal Rescue Cumbria 01539 824293

Alan Green (RSPCA) 07743604599

Animal Concern 015395 52591

Unfortunately the police no longer have responsibility for lost dogs, so reporting to the police is unlikely to be very effective.

If you have access to the internet, facebook pages such as “Kendal lost and found pets” is also great for re-uniting pets. 

Finally talk to neighbours and local businesses e.g. shops and pubs, put up posters and make sure your contact number is correct and works. 


What if I have found a pet?

Most animals do not stray far from home, so talk to neighbours, farmers and local shops, leaving a contact number, should the owner visit. 

Try the contact number on the collar and keep trying. Get the animal scanned at a local rescue of vets or here at the kennels (even small animals can be micro-chipped). Out of hours phone 07701019945 for our help. Look for tattoos. Hounds and Lutcher’s are often tattooed and contact with the local groups can often help reunite a tattooed animal. A fox hound has one tatto in one ear and a trail hound has two tattoos, one in each ear. 

Report the animal to the local council

South Lakeland Direct on 0845 050 4434 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

Out of hours contacts for the South Lakeland District Council

Kendal & Eastern Area   0870 428 6905
Lakes, Ulverston & Western Area   0870 428 6906

Lancaster City Council on 01524 582935 or 01524 67099 out of hours

Barrow in Furness on 01229 474450

It can also be helpful to let the local vets and rescue shelters know and to post the animal on local face book pages such as Kendal lost and found pets. 

All UK councils are required to keep lost dogs for seven days to allow an owner to come forward and claim their dog. If no one comes forward within the seven days, the dog becomes the property of the council. In our local area (South Lakeland District Council), the found dogs that are unclaimed are then re-homed. If you are interested in keeping a dog you have found, it is important that the proper process is followed in order to ensure legal ownership, please discuss with the council / stray team to find out more. 

Unfortunately there is no formal process for lost pets other than dogs. Cats and small animals are sometimes taken in by local rescue centres, depending on the availability of space.