On Site Shop

Our onsite shop provides a range of pet supplies and is open 7 mornings a week. We can also delivery locally. Just let us know what you want by phone or email and we leave contact details to arrange delivery.

If you can't see what you want, please ask. We can generally get hold of a wide range of pet supplies within a few days

We are in the unique position of being able to share with you our own personal experience of using a wide range of the foods, toys, treats, grooming items and training aids that we sell. Most of what we sell we have used in the kennels for our boarded or rescue dogs, so we can let you know the pros and cons from extensive use.



Not sure what is right and how to look at the different foods. Ask our team and we will be happy to offer advice. We stock most major brands, here are a few...

Prices for Burns Alert 12kg start from £34.95 and you can join the loyalty scheme and buy 7 get the 8th free. 


Select the right treat for the job. Cleaner teeth/ training / relieve boredom or a bit of fun.

We have a full selection of hide treats, knuckle bones at 3 for £2, training treats, Natural dog treats, treats for dogs with allergies, dental treats and those designed to be used in Kong toys. 

Training Aids 

Our extensive experience with rescue and boarded dogs enables us to offer help finding tools to help with a range of training needs.


While you wait or posted to you.  A range of colours and styles. Tags from £7, engraved both sides.



Beco Pet Product 

Introducing our new range of Beco, eco friendly products. These are made from a variety of sustainable and recycled materials to make a quality range of pet toys, accessories and bed. Some great ideas to explore !

Extensive Range of Collars, Leads and Harnesses

Including Brands such as Ezydog, Spiffydog, Ancol, Outhwaite, Halti and Canny Collar.