Pet Housing



Range includes cat, dog, rabbit,duck and hen houses. Here are some examples below.

 Plastic Hen Coop Benefits

The mini hen coop plastic is 100% recycled this makes it both durable and easy to maintain. The cost of keeping chickens at home will be reduced over time as the need for maintenance is minimised as recycled plastic will not require weather treatment unlike more traditional hen housing.

Freedom for your hens or chickens to roam if necessary the mini hen coop can have a 3ft extension run added to give the hens the freedom they require with the minimum of your garden space occupied. 

Mini Hen Coop -  £199.00 


The Solway mini hen coop has been designed for keeping chickens at home lightweight solway mini hen coop can be moved easily to suit you and your chickens. An ideal starter home for chicks also suitable for larger birds and will accommodate between two and five hens without any problem.

External mini hen coop dimensions 3ft 4inch including roof by 3ft including large easy access nesting box. or 1060mm by 910mm

The Solway Mini Hen Coop extension run kit has external dimensions 3ft 6inches by 3ft or 1060mm by 910mm. Internal dimensions of the extension run kit 3ft by 2ft 9inches which is 910mm by 840mm.

Both the mini hen coop and run have a large sliding door to make feeding your hens easy. The coop has an opening of 200mm by 280mm and the extension run kit has an opening of 270mm by 280mm.



Hen House with Run £375  or £313.50 for a Rabbit Hutch (without nest boxes)

The Solway hen house has been designed for keeping  a few more chickens at home can be moved easily to suit you and your chickens. An ideal starter set for those with a bit more space.  Will accommodate between 6 + hens without any problem.

The dimensions of the deluxe eco hen house with large sliding superfront door are 8ft by 2.5ft the length of the run can be lengthened if required with the use of the related product shown below.

The deluxe eco hen house is fitted with an internal pech and has the option of a second. There is a opening door to the rear giving easy access to the nesting box.